On this page I share some resources that I found useful in some way or another. This page is work in progress, I add sections and resources as I find them.

Replicability and reproducibility

This is a new topic that I find particularly important. I was lucky to have peers at Maastricht Uni with whom I could have great discussions about research practices, ethics and how to do our research the best we could – big shoutout to Henrik Zaunbrecher and to my amazing coauthors Jan Feld, Nicolás Salamanca and Ulf Zölitz. We talked a lot about the replication crisis and the issue that null-effects papers are less likely to ever be accepted for publication. Here are some resources I’ve found over the years that have nourished my thoughts on this topic, and have helped me progress in my own practices.

Making a website using RMarkdown

These are the resources I used to make my own website. I tried different things (Wordpress, Squarespace, Jekyll…), and I find that the easiest way by far to create a static website is to use R and host your page via Github Pages. Github allows you to host your website for free, update it super quickly, and will never bug (unlike those sneaker ruby gem updates for your Jekyll page…) :-) Sure, you could make your page using Google Sites, but making your own page from scratch is much more fun!